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Detect AI-generated text with AI Text Detector, ensuring authenticity and digital trust. Accurately analyze any text for peace of mind.

IntroducingAI Text Detector – the ultimate app for detecting the veracity of GPTChat written text! With AI Text Detector, you’ll never have to wonder if the information you’re reading is true or not. Our cutting-edge technology analyzes each sentence for accuracy and provides you with a clear indicator of its veracity.

But that’s not all – AI Text Detector also detects whether the text was written by a human or by a machine. This feature allows you to differentiate between genuine human communication and synthetic text generated by GPTChat.

With our app, users can enjoy the benefits of accurate analysis of any text to detect AI-generated content, fake news, fraudulent messages, and chatbots. Additionally, our app helps increase online privacy and security, assists in detecting cyber threats and online fraud, and aids in message authentication and verification. Whether you’re a teacher, student, businessperson, developer, or blogger, AI Text Detector is the perfect tool for ensuring authentic content and digital trust in all your online interactions.

AI Text Detector offers a clean and intuitive user experience. On the result screen, you’ll find a simple design that displays the percentage of AI-generated content detected. This helps you quickly and easily determine the authenticity of the text you’re analyzing. With our app’s easy-to-understand interface, you’ll enjoy accurate and reliable results every time.

AI Text Detector offers two plans: a free plan and a Pro plan.

The free plan allows users to detect up to 5 detections for free, while the Pro plan offers 20 detections and removes all ads.

By using AI Text Detector, you can enjoy the following benefits:

– Accurate detection of AI-generated text

– Easy-to-use interface for people of all ages and technical abilities

– Protects against fake news and fraudulent messages

– Helps identify chatbots and AI-generated content

– Increases online privacy and security

– Aids in detecting cyber threats and online fraud

– Aids in message authentication and verification

– Assists teachers and students in detecting plagiarism

– Aids in SEO and blog writing by ensuring authentic content

– Assists developers in ensuring that their chatbots are correctly working.


Whether you’re a teacher, student, businessperson, developer, or blogger, our app is the perfect tool for ensuring digital trust and authenticity in all your online communications.


– Now available in multiple languages to cater to a wider audience.


Exciting New Features:

– Import images directly from your gallery and effortlessly analyze the text within them.

– Snap a picture of any document, and our app will extract the text for you.

– Seamlessly import documents from iCloud or files, and instantly obtain the text results!


Download AI Text Detector today and enjoy the benefits of accurate text analysis.


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