Jun 2022 – Current (Contractor, remote)

Senior iOS Engineer, Tech lead

Addicted Software Ltd.

I am currently engaged as a contractor through Addicted Software, working on a major project for a large US-based corporation specializing in the fintech sector. This role entails the development and maintenance of premium, high-stake applications.

My responsibilities are:

  • To collaborate with cross-functional and international teams to define, design and develop innovative iOS applications from fintech, cryptocurrency and travel;
  • To design and implemented robust, efficient, and maintainable code in accordance with best practices and industry standards using μFeatures and the Redux architecture for the iOS platform;
  • To led the implementation of advanced features and integrations, delivering a great user experience and maintaining high security standards for travel and cryptocurrency apps while adhering to industry best practices and guidelines;
  • To conduct thorough testing, debugging and optimization have been carried out to ensure high performance, stability and security of applications, as well as to stay up to date with the latest trends and advances in mobile development.

Sep 2017 – Mar 2022

Senior iOS Engineer, Tech lead

Endava Ltd.

I had the opportunity to work with Endava, a leading outsourcing company. During my tenure, we assisted some of the world’s foremost organizations in sectors such as Payments, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Media, Technology, Consumer Products, Retail, Mobility, and Healthcare. We propelled their ability to leverage new business models and seize market opportunities. This experience has provided me with invaluable insight into a broad range of industries, strengthening my capacity to adapt and deliver in diverse settings.

My responsibilities were to:

  • Developed and maintained iOS applications for the company’s clients, including banks, insurance companies, and retailers.
  • Collaborated with product managers to understand requirements and design solutions that meet business needs while considering technical constraints such as performance, scalability, security, etc.
  • Built reusable code libraries or components that can be leveraged across multiple projects to increase efficiency of future development efforts.
  • Provided technical leadership in a cross-functional team environment on large initiatives and ensured adherence to best practices within the organization
  • Demonstrated the ability to implement continuous improvement and the induction of new technology.
  • Maintained technical documentation, adhering to coding guidelines, and assisted the engineering team in enforcing best programming practices.
  • Tested mobile application services to confirm compliance with the SRS.
  • Followed the latest languages, concepts, and best coding practices for mobile apps. Improved quality of product with code reviews.
  • Interacted and worked with a team of 800+ members involving application and backend developers, testers, designers and multi-level managers.
  • Reviewing client requests, wireframes, and designs for technical viability.
  • Wrote efficient unit tests and worked together with QA to execute automation testing.

Jan 2022 – Jul 2022 (short term contract)

Senior Developer Lead, Consultant


My responsibilities were to:

  • Built native mobile applications for iOS Banking area. Giving to clients access integrating to M-bank products and services.
  • Streamlining development process all the way from code check-ins, peer code reviews, static code analysis, added automated functional regressions test against the backend APIs.
  • Improved continuous integration, increased automated test coverage. Helped the bank to get to the next level of maturity with respect to Continuous Delivery.
  • Operated according with the Scrum and Agile development process. Improved DevOps approach to delivering IT solutions.
  • Lead features, prepare detail design, collaborate with cross-functional internal team member and other teams to define, design and ship new features.
  • Strive to build a more accountable, motivated team through mentorship, thoughtful code reviews, and reinforcing best-practices in software development.

Jun 2015 – July 2017

iOS Engineer

Softintercom S.R.L.

Feb 2014 – May 2015

iOS Engineer

Marcodor Ldt.

Jul 2013 – Jan 2014

iOS Engineer & Frontend Developer

Binasystems Ldt.


Certificate of engineering technology

Certificate of mobile technologies

Lynda & Coursera

Certificate of frontend & backend technologies

Interportal S.R.L.

Business Administration and Management



Endava Car Sharing

Endava Ltd.

Endava Insurance Helper

Endava Ltd.

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Coding Skills

Xcode IDE











Design Skills














RESTful services

RESTful fmw










Unit tests

UI tests

Integration tests




Swift Package Manager



Fastlane & Jenkins

TestFlight & Firebase


Veselin Radovic

Delivery Manager at Endava / Belgrad, Serbia

“I wholeheartedly recommend Mihail Salari for any Senior iOS Developer role. His diverse skills, including iOS development, team leadership, and effective communication, were instrumental in successfully launching our internal projects. Mihail not only excelled in his roles but also displayed a consistent commitment to team collaboration and project success. His exceptional technical skills and unwavering dedication would undoubtedly make him a valuable asset to any team.”

Peter Randazzo

Senior Technical Business Analyst, Product & Innovation / Montreal, CA

“I had the pleasure of working with Mihail for about six months this year. His talent as an iOS engineer is strong. He recommended better ways of working with our mobile applications. He is also excellent at explaining concepts to business stakeholders which is a much-desired skill.

Pavel Stankevic

Senior Technical Business Analyst, Product & Innovation / London, UK

“I highly recommend Mihail as an iOS developer. I had the pleasure of working with him on a project. Mihails deep understanding of iOS development allowed him to consistently deliver high-quality code and make significant contributions to our projects success.

What stood out the most was his proactive approach. He always went the extra mile to identify potential issues, propose innovative solutions and take the lead in implementing them. Without a doubt, Mihail would be a valuable addition to any team or organization seeking a talented and proactive developer.”

Heleste Smith

Lab Geek / London, UK

“Mihail has a great work ethic and enthusiasm for delivering quality products. He is technically skilled, his opinions are always valued by those in the team and is tenacious in finding a solution to a problem.
Any team would benefit from having Mihail onboard.”

Diney Bomfin

Senior iOS Engineer & Tech Lead / Kiev, UA

“Mihail is a very passionate and dedicated Engineer. We’ve worked together managing a quite large project with several moving parts and Mihail was always 100% into the game, always focused, very precise, and skilled.
He’s the kind of engineer that is required in every meeting because he contributes a lot with good ideas not just for the code but also for the product in general.
A company would be happy to have a professional like Mihail.”

Andrii Ulianenko

Senior iOS Engineer & Tech Lead / Kiev, UA

“Mihail’s expertise in iOS development is truly impressive. Beyond his technical skills, Mihail is a true team player. He actively contributes to brainstorming sessions, offering valuable insights and collaborating seamlessly with other team members.

I highly recommend Mihail as an iOS developer to any organization seeking a dedicated and skilled professional. His technical knowledge, teamwork, and passion for iOS development make him a valuable asset to any team. Working with Mihail was truly a pleasure, and I look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with him again.”

Ionut Negru

Senior Android Engineer & Tech Lead & Senior Consultant / Bucharest, RO

“Mihail is a sharp developer always looking up for new technologies and new development methods.
He is analytical, and takes time to do things right from the start.

It was a pleasure to work with him developing the same project. Although we were responsible for different technology stacks and different platforms we interacted often and he always showed that he is eager to help and contribute in any way.

Mihail is a very experienced iOS Software Engineer and I would recommend him on any kind of projects.”